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R/K VF kiss small


Stow that twitchy palm..for now

Summer '11 wrap up!
R/K VF kiss small
wow, it's been forever since i wrote something here..
life has kept me busy :)

been working all summer long as a (finally!) nurse at our local ER. It's gone good and I hope to continue working here for a loong time :P
So the summer's been hectic, working trying to fit in all the summer activities as far as the weather could allow it. BBQ'ing, sunbathing, regular bathing, music festival-ing, partying, after work-ing, boating, cruiseshipping, a wedding, moviegoing, Comic Con covering etc..Only thing missing is volleyballing and golfing :(.

Shows thats been seen(well actually the ONLY summer show this summer..) is True Blood of course! how can you not see that show? Hunk Alexander Skarsgård(the one and only who I've been only 4ft away from I might add!!)

On the other side: theres been a helluvalot more on the theatregoing side..
to name a few:
Pirates of the Carribbean 4 On stranger tides (Sam Claflin is yummy! lucky Kristen..;))
Hangover 2
Kung Fu Panda 2
Kronjuvelerna(Swedish film)
Transformers 3 Dark side of the Moon
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 - BEST flick of the year!
Cars 2
Jag Saknar Dig (Swedish film)

Movies I've seen at home:
Source Code
The Way Back
The Lincoln Laywer
Super 8

Pretty good summer all movies considered. :)

Rob and Kristen has been busy(and therefor kept me busy ;)):
Comic Con was awesome! However the clips from the movie were very long and obviously they showed the honeymoon - which I didn't wanna spoil myself with it so I've acctually steered clear from that altogether. But the interviews done then with both of K and R was great! Love that!
And KStews new project SWATH has begun shooting - VERY excited about that seeing those set pics of the battle.
Also the new trailer for Robs Bel Ami had me spinnin'! Such an amazing film it seems to be! can't believe they havn't released it yet. Pricks!

And bookwise? Or shall I say fanfiction wise? ;)

Finished on a ff called Vines by fictionfreak95. Rekommended summerreading!
And also For the Summer by camoozle - also very good summerread.
and then i started on..drumroll...
A Pound of Flesh! by jaxxon-something. Very fresh for me(only chap 14 so far) and oh-so-slooow-on-the-buuurn. but hey, the longer you wait for something good..;)

but there ya go! I'm gonna get me somethin' to eat now, chao!

R/K VF kiss small
kvällen började med 20 meter åderpåle och ett par kalla öl, dagen kunde inte ha börjat bättre! plötsligt knackade det på dörren och jag var tvungen att avbryta min gråtrunk. In kommer huggblad och plötsligt förvandlas gråtrunk till skrattrunk! han klev in med sin dolme virad som en halsduk runt halsen och klagade på den fruktansvärda kylan.
Nu inväntade vi bara mr Magoo och hans ådrige vän Håkan och deras lilla vän vapenhelvetesvecka vroooom. det ska även nämnas att håkan är en ilsken grävling som gillar hårda tag i buskagen medans Vapenhelvetesvecka en liten sköldpadda som föredrog erotisk dans av män för män i dunkel belysning. Muff var aldrig att tänka på.
Pötsligt var det penisar överallt och orgien kunde börja! 7 timmar senare. Efter en mycket hård sv
ettig och svidande orgie som involverade både människor som djur och diverse långa tillhyggen bad vapenhelvetesvecka om ännu mera åderpåle av Mr magoo.
Mr magoo slog kuken i pannan på honom och kvävde honom med sin pläp ( pung längre än penis) när vapenhelvetesvecka vaknade till
efter att han fått pläpen i huvudet och nästan dött så sa han att han saknade ett riktigt sprutluder.
Ssamtidigt som  håkan var halvägs upp i huggblads anus  och började få kväljnigar så hoppade mr magoo runt och våldsollade alla med sitt felnsigaollon.
Plötsligt springer 14 små ekorrbögar in i rummet med kukarna i högsta hugg. Nu ska ni få kuk era jävlar utbrister dem i kör. 8 sekunder senare är alla inblandade genomborrade utav ekorrpenisar. Guuuud vad skönt utbrister vapenhelvetesvecka samtidigt som 8 av ekorrbögarna leker "runka bulle" med honom. Nu var alla nöjda och kladdiga efter en härlig grillkväll i Örebro

love kills
R/K VF kiss small
 well, Love Kills headline is influenced by Robyn's song with the same name, so it's not my line of thinking..although it might just as well be ^^,. Only it happens to be that that is the song I'm listening to in this exact moment, and the song is awsome. So I felt compelled to have this post in that aura. Or not, but whatev :)

Today was a good day. Well, it's not like I have all bad days LOL
But what separates this day from any other is that I got a little call..and the purpose of that call was to have me interviewing for a job:)
and since I'm between jobs, it seems alright, right? ^^,
also went to a pre-screening of a swedish comedy that really just wasn't what they let you believe it would be.

yesterday evening(and sunday afternoon/night :)), i spent time with my old buddies from school, we played chinese checkers, ate some Grecian food at best restaurant in pennybridge and then rented The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - Heath Ledgers last movie. During the first half hour of the film, I didn't get anything of what happened in it. When Heath showed up I sorta got the movie. It really was straaaange ^^, How else to put it? xD but hollywood-hotties like Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell helping out made it a lot better :P However.., the best damn thing of the movie was Andrew Garfield! :D I love that cuute, and if you can believe it - also a very scrumptious man!;) Love him to death <3 He's sooo good :) and do I have to say it? yes, why not? let's clear it up; he is HAAAAWT! no joke. :P
I LIVE by this ---> :D best buddies? oh yeaaah!                                                            cute :)  

Saw last week the movie called Never Let Me Go. Now THERE'S a GOOD movie. Loved that one soo much, Carey Mulligan at her best, and that Keira was the perfect manipulator. Cried my hole way through the last half hour of it. Really get's to you. Such a saad story, a story I still can't figure out if it is a real story or not...Recommend!


Also, I finally saw Welcome To The Rileys last week. My GOD how different KStew was in that movie! Awsome and strong performance by her! Also a great story, and great performances by Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini! Loved it, so I recommend you go get it :)

Also, two movies seen at the theatres; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Burlesque.
Narnia: I can never but to love those films(and it was in 3D, which I looove), and Aslan has a funny way of always making me tear up cuz he's so good. Love that lion :). And Prince Caspian is gorgeous as always :P. Loved that new character Eustice and his bitterness and smirky comments xD. He also resembled a swedish comedian called Johan Glans ^^,
Burlesque. Well, who can not love that flick??!?! That was soooo god! A mixture of Coyote Ugly and..well I dunno. Any rom-com movie ever made? But this one was made beautifully and with a great cast! Xtina Aguilera was waaay better than her Super Bowl performance the other day anyway ^^, and Cher and Stanley made a great lovingly nagging-each-other pair. :)
But oh, I haven't forgotten either of the boyos ;) Cam Gigandet and Eric Dane. Cam being the winner between the two for obvious reasons(if you see the film). See?! the bad vampire from Twilight CAN play romantic characters as well, and he is mighty good at it! :D damn hot too :P don't hurt right? :P

   hunk Cam Gigandet :)

Stuff happened (for me and some gossip):
¤ picked up a nurse pin :)
¤ sent in application to become a registered nurse :)
¤ I finished reading Mockingjay by Susanne Collins :( it was good. Don't know what to read now :/
¤ tuned on to nbc.com Bobby Longs musical performance on Jay frikkin' Leno!!! :D so excited for him :) Will air in Sweden(kanal 5) on thursday!! Don't miss out! 
¤ Kristen Stewart, Viggo Mortensen and Julia Roberts have apparently(only rumored), now singed on for Snow White and the Huntsman.
Andrew Garfield has been shooting scenes for Spider Man reeboot, pics have made it's way to the internet. :) click for HQ :)  look at that ass!! ^^, lots more pics at the source(see pic).
¤ Rob Pattinson has done a photoshoot for Vanity Fair again! :D (only twittered, no pics yet)
¤ a second(click on it for UHQ) and a third(in MQ) poster has been released for Water for Elephants 

¤ First stills of On The Road has come! KStew and hunk Garrett Hedlund of swedish ancestors, looks awsome!  

But BEST news: Carter Burwell (the guy writing score music for Twilight and Breaking Dawn 1 & 2) has wrote "Renesmees Lullaby"(!!!) and Rob will this week be filming playing it on piano!! OME! like *swooon* like *flatlined* like *zooooooomg* 

Loving this week! :D

Back home and unemployed..
R/K VF kiss small
Yes! We are back from Thailand. And let me tell ya, I ain't happy 'bout it. Who would want to go back to a cold country where I have no job, nothing fun to do, no diving sites around..just plain 'ol borin' Pennybridge..
Kinda depressed..but guess that happens right? lol Want to go away immidiatley..perhaps the reason I haven't really unpacked? Lol, it's been almost a week and my stuff is still on the floor, or in piles over other already-there-all-year-around-piles...or I'm just being lazy..
Need to find a new goal - next trip is def one..but I really want a skiing trip to the hills up north. Seems everyone else already done it or can't :(

Soo..Trainhoppin' around Europe for Summer of 2011, yes? Who's comin'?!? :D

6 weeks in Thailand is a must for everyone! or atleast months at a time..totally worth it, and totally affordable :P
We made it to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, were at Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui for New Years Eve, we were at Koh Tao for Christmas and took our Diving certificates(best thing I have ever done!) and been Bangkok-inhabitats riding the Skytrain, shopping on Siam Square, MBK and Khao San Road, and, the most memorable in Bangkok - the Ping-Pong Show..! Google it if you don't know what it is(Beware!..it's def not for the prudish for sure!) lol..
Gosh, the things I've learned and experienced during this trip. I've even learned things about myself, and I'm proud of myself that I have done this trip. :)
More of this pleaaase! lol, have to find a job now for it to happen ^^

I HATE looking for a job, and talking to those people, but whatev. I'm just scared ;)

Ok so since I've been home(got home last tuesday, the 25th) i've been updating myself, and more importantly been searching for new music and o/c then listening to it. As you might know - music is what keeps me going, what makes me move forward, is something profound that I need..almost like the air I breathe. I would slip away if I went deaf. Just sayin' how important music is to me - to listen to since I can't play myself(which I deeply regret, but never is too late, I know :)) ok so back to the actual music lol

Best albums of January 2011:
this year has already started off great with:
  ¤ Iron & Wine's new album "Kiss Each Other Clean". Epicness. With songs like "Walking away from Home", "Me and Lazarus", "Tree By the river", "Half Moon" and my slowly-coming-to-be favorite song: "Big Burned Hand" - you just can't miss this album!
  ¤ Bruno Mars debut album "Doo-Woops and Hooligans". Love the singles o/c "Just the way you are" and awsome new "Grenade", but also "Marry You".

 ¤  this february or early march Lykke Li comes out with a new album(long overdue if you ask me..;)) "Wounded Rhymes" but she has released already "Get Some" and recently "I Follow Rivers". The latter one gave me actual chills when I saw her performing it live on the swedish award show P3 Guld, and more so listening to it on YT! I've embedded it for ya :) (non-interesting fact: Lykke Li is my age..! weeeird :S)

..and browsing the Tube I find cool things: Sing-a-long! lol :D

  ¤ Then I saw this thing, referred from livejournal actually(my friends-page), and this had me big eyed! Loooved it! So I just had to look up the songs from it. and they are gooood songs!
But see the vid first :) 1st minute is THE best! The remix of Ratatats and Kanyes song is golden! download link on yt page!
"1,2, let me see what you can do" and "power..and control" pssst! look for Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson ;)

and so the songs are:

1. Ratatat - Nostrand - http://tinyurl.com/2ahhhj9
2. Kanye West - Power - http://tinyurl.com/27mpo83
3. Rooney - Not In My House - http://tinyurl.com/23vpakx - coool song by an already favorite band of mine :D, listen to "I Can't get Enough" from same album "Not In my House" is from - Eureka
4. Apartment - Fall Into Place - http://tinyurl.com/2fnsnkc
5. Civil Twilight - Letters from the Sky - http://tinyurl.com/2fwrlys - band from South Africa, and the lead singer looks like Rob! LOL!
6. SUNBEARS! - Little Baby Pines - http://tinyurl.com/26d9brn - unsigned band, but recognized already.

I'm totally impressed with what the guy does - he don't even work as a trailermaker or anything..which he should..imo atleast.
Love all the songs too. Apartment song has me in a flux - aswell as Civil Twilight song..that one is soooo beautiful! Almost makes me cry..

anyway, thats Januarys new-tunes update for ya :) Might come a february one ;)

Yeah, so on the plane to Thailand, they had Remember Me..so that I whatched. and some other flicks I can't remember..
But on the flight home I saw
   ¤ "Wall Street: money never sleeps" - baad movie, but Carey Mulligan delivers perfectly.
   ¤ Then "Megamind" - not in 3D but on a 7" screen on the seat in front of me. Fun one. Thought throughout the hole film that the superhero-that-dies in the beginning (Metroman) was George Clooney, but it was Brad Pitt..! hehe.
   ¤ Then "Life as we Know it" had me entertained. I loved that chick-flick/romcom! Izzie Stevens and Danny McCoy are by themselves actors I looove. and together they were perfect :) Predictable stuff, but believable and I looove it b/c of great acting, and suuuch a cuute kid! 

..Ooh and heyyyy. We saw Gullivers Travels in 3D(!)in Bangkok! Weird experience, they showed a vid honoring their King, during which everyone in the theatre was standing up...! LMAO!!! But nice of the Thaipeople to have such loyalty and devotion to their King.
But the best seats I've ever experienced in a theatre, and the biggest soft drinks I've ever seen! And weird cheese flavored popcorns..not sure of what I think of the popcorns..Anyway, Best 3D i've ever seen aswell, and the movie itself was ok bordering to good. :)

Water For Elephants is soon out!!! Yaayyyyy! April 22nd!

OH  HELL!! Almost forgot - Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried comes out in theaters March 11th!!! :D:D Excited as hell! Catherine Hardwicke is remaking Twilight but with a bigger wallet..how will that go one wonders..I'm going to the premier that is for sure though :P

ok that's it! See yaa!

Happy New Year!!
R/K VF kiss small

Happy new year!!
this has been the most awsome year, lots going on both personally, socially and twilightly/Robstenally ;)

Sitting here on island Koh Samui, Thailand, wondering what life will bring next year. Hopefully something good.
This year wil be it! I will start working as a nurse, I will get my own apartment in the city, I will travel to see the world a lot more, and hopefully I will have someone to share my time with. :)

As a Twilighter I wish Rob and Kristen a great new years eve in London if they're still there, or wherever they might be spending they're free time.
cant but help thinking of Breaking Dawn, since I've just finished reading it for the umphed time..and how I wish November 2011 would be just a little bit closer..hoping Bill Condon made a great film..

It's new years eve here, even in Thailand. :D Hope everyone at home is having a great day too. I'm sleepy so going up to hotell to sleep for a few hours before we go to Green Mango..or a beach party with foam...
we'll se ;)
See ya next Year!!!

Writer's Block: Best movie of the year
R/K VF kiss small
What is the best movie of 2010?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!! of course..haha

but second is mos def Inception :)

Writer's Block: Ready, steady, read
R/K VF kiss small
What is the best book you've read this year, and why?

This year it was "The Hunger Games" (but it almost tied with "Catching Fire") by Suzanne Collins...
I haven't read the third one yet..saving that one for laters :)

OMG! 10 days and counting!
R/K VF kiss small
 10 days left until we leave for Thailand for 6 weeks!
jeeez! Not ready for it at ALL :(
lots to do, lots of work to do, lots of everything to do. "It's the height (of the love triangle)" - lol at my associations.. xD

Ok but a small update on Movies I've seen:
Saw 3D

..thats a bout it. 

New music..well..-there's alot.
Sample of it all: here's my mix CD i burned Dec 2nd 2010(yeah..Imma be able to play it in my car for only 2 weeks then Im baibai!):

1. Derezzed - Daft Punk          <--LOOOOVE this new song from Daft Punks Tron: Legacy soundtrack they did.
2. Indestructable - Robyn
3. Only Girl (In the World) - Rihanna
4. Miami 2 Ibiza (Radio Explicit) - Swedish House Mafia ft. Tinie Tempa
5. Alejandro (The Sound of Arrows Remix) - Lady Gaga
6. Whip My Hair - Willow Smith
7. Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce
8. Who's That Chick (ft. Rihanna) - David Guetta
9. Det Snurrar i Min skalle - Familjen
10. Buffalo Blues - Maskinen
11. Det Var Jag - Familjen
12. Firework - Katy Perry
13. Dirty Situation (ft. Akon) - Mohombi
14. Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn
15. Round It Goes - Hoffmaestro
16. Like A G6 - Far East Movement
17. Highwayman - Hoffmaestro & Chaa
18. Hold My Hand (ft. Akon) - Michael Jackson
19. White Sky - Vampire Weekend
20. E.T. - Katy Perry
21. Gott Nytt Jul! (Radiorip) - Sean Banan  <--such a funny Xmas song :P
Gonna be working my ass off this week..thinking I will probably forget like 90% of what I should bring to thailand..since I will most likely pack the night before..! not what i had planned but oh hell..can't really complain right? lol :P

below: loads of giggles that made my saturday morning :)
dag nabit!  <--new words imma use a whole lot now :P
ey Booboo! whattya think of this girl? whattya think booboo?
mmm...yummm *fanning*

..LOTS of goodness in this commentary :D 

My Bday!
R/K VF kiss small
 Yesterday (Nov 12th) was my 22nd birthday!! Yay me!!


and this year will be better than the last - I'm going to Thailand for 6 weeks god damnit!!! :D:DWent partying with my bffs :)) I've got some really awsome friends *happyface* :) 

Tunes and Flicks week 44
R/K VF kiss small
 New Tunes:

¤ "Miami 2 Ibiza" -awsome new song by Swedish House Mafia (ft. Tinie Tempah)

¤ "White Sky" - Vampire Weekend
¤ "The Bike Song" - Mike Ronson & The Business Intl. It always makes me think of Robs purchase of a $1000 bike recently ^^,
jump to 0:40 for the song..

¤ "The End" - Kings of Leon
¤ "The Anger" - Carl Norén
¤ "Gubben i lådan" - Daniel Ray-Adams
¤ "Is it Over" - Elin Ruth Sigvardson
¤ "White Blank Page" - Mumford & Sons. Can always fit in a Mumford & Sons song :)
¤ "Only Girl (In The World)" - Rihanna
¤ "Get some" - Lykke Li <-- new song released this week!
¤ "Det var jag" - Familjen
¤ "Baby Hurricane" - Vincent
¤ "Pack Up" - Eliza Doolittle

...lots of Swedish music in there :)

Music Spotlight:
found this interesting song that I was recommended here on LJ..
¤ "Sexy Boy" by Air...! It really is a haaawt track ^^, Title song for RPattz for sure! Just press play on the vid below and you'll get it! :D
 ZOMG! just saw it..at 2:58 I went O.O  xD wtf was that?! LOL! but no, I know from where - Little Ashes ^^, But it does have a few hot pics (though they're old) which o/c includes the happy trail, beau-smile, sexy-stare etc..<3
New outtakes from Robs photoshoot in august(or something?) No one can even come close to be looking this hot when smoking *swoon* theres more..but can't handle looking at them ^^, (I bet this is where he got those sunnies from..!..since he likes to steal from photoshoots ^^, see pics below) 
source on the tag (best Rob fansite ever with Setje getting us these pics <3)
 see those glasses(click and click for HQ galore)? yeah, resemblance much? Worn on set of "Water for Elephants" on July 28th(ok, was off by 3 days ^^,)
and check this pic of KStew below(click and click again for HQ);
 share much? :)) worn on Oct 19th in NYC after doing the Regis & Kelly show..


and this song aswell that I was recommended:
¤ "Bloodstream" by Stateless - it has a great beat about it..and it has that great feeling about it. Feels like Blue Fountain/Mazzy Star/Stereophonics,.which I flove :)

and a new-found-future-classic: 
¤ "Because I Got High" by Afroman..love it! Going to be on the "Thailand soundtrack"! :D Possibly a theme song? ;) Lol no.

New Flicks:
Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)
</lj-embed>Saw it in the theatre last saturday..
didn't scare me at ALL....LOL 
yeah it did..! at certain scenes..but not as much as my expectations were..
so I was disappointed..PA 1 was awsome, but also..I didn't see the version where she throws someone at the camera and gets up and close with the camera either..I watched an alternate ending with police and where she is killed..so I was bummed to find out I saw a different ending and did NOT expect the ending in PA 2 obviously,,
But seeing the trailer i've embedded...Seems like there was a LOT of scenes cut out in the final movie..! O.o Like WTF???
..And a lot in PA2 made me laugh at the ridicule in it..like the poolcleaner..? WTF was that about?? just baaad..and real easy stuff to do unlike PA1 with the handprints..
The things that made me scared was well..obviously *SPOILERS!* with the baby moving, the freaky katatonic-turned into rage mom, and..the best - the kitchen cabinets popped open..THAT was GREAT! so tense and then BAM! :D made me shake like hell..
ok..so my rating? 3 out of 5 b/c I couldn't sleep afterwards again..(def could not sleep after PA1..O.O). I was literally awake until sunrise at like 5 am...lucky it was a sunday so I could sleep in :)

anyhew..see ya! :D
 Loool ^^,